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Poetry is seminal to my visual art practice. I started writing poetry at an early age. In 5th grade I skipped classes and would go to the cemetery to read Steinbeck's, Tortilla Flat, Mario Puzo's, The Godfather. One day, my mother confronted me and asked where I was during school hours. I said that I was at the cemetery reading because school was boring. I felt I had learned more in one week reading serenely, than what my peers had learned, stuck in the classroom. 


The cemetery offered me tranquility, the soft melody of birds, and a scenic area to relax and dive into other worlds. It was an escape from the daily grind and claustrophobia of stuffy classrooms. However, and by far the largest contribution, was a life long love affair with words and narrative. 


After my business crashed in 2014, left in tears and homeless, I bought a typewriter and started writing again, prolifically. Below are samples of some of that fruit. I am back on my feet again, in part because of poetry.

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